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Built to last and look good and suitable for virtually any garden

The Naturalis system has been developed by RP Industries in Portugal, a family based business who have been in the swimming pool industry in Spain and Portugal for over thirty years. Supplying pool systems and equipment for tens of thousands of pools, the company recognised the need for a pool system that was affordable and could compete on price with the many timber pools on the market but offer the longevity and structural strength of a traditionally built pool.

The result of several years of research and development is the Naturalis range. The pool structure is based on a solid reinforced concrete base with heavy duty steel pillars which are bolted to the base. Galvanized steel panels are then bolted to the pillars to form the basic structural shape of the pool and this gives the whole structure its huge structural strength.
The concrete traverses are then slotted in, each has a groove at the bottom and a tongue at the top and each one sites neatly on the next and mastic is applied to each joint increasing further the strength of the structure.

Once the pool walls are built steel sheets are fixed to the interior before the white goods are fitted, felt is cut in and the liner installed. It is worth mentioning at this point the RP Industries are one of the leading suppliers of RENOLIT ALKORPLAN liners so this part of the kit is of the highest standard unlike most of the liners sold with most pool kit packages.
Ground Works by Naturalis Pools
Pool Framework by Naturalis Pools
Pool Deckingby Naturalis Pools
Once the pool is filled the concrete wood effect margelles (coping stones) complete the elegant look of the pool and you are then free to finish the pool surround to suit the layout of your garden and your own taste. There are many options here as you will see from the GALLERY section. The Naturalis pool is a self-standing solid structure, you can semi bury it and then build up against it and around it making it very suitable for lots of gardens whether sloping or flat.

The ease of installation mean that installing a Naturalis pool is a task that could be undertaken by most people with a little building or DIY experience.
The detailed installation manual and customer support make this pool easier to install than many comparable systems.

At around half the price of a traditionally constructed in-ground pool and structural integrity superior to many, the Naturalis range represents a genuinely radical alternative.

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