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Naturalis Pool installation in St Valerien
If you are considering having a swimming pool installed at your property in France then it is likely that you will have a budget in mind. If you have gone so far as to have done some research and/or have had some estimates from swimming pool companies you may be shocked to find that the cost of an in-ground pool can range anywhere from €16-30,000 and that is for the POOL ONLY!

If you factor in the cost of necessary accessories such as pool security, summer and winter covers, chemical treatment, pool maintenance equipment etc. you can add to that figure substantially.

You will probably also want to consider adding a nice seating area or terrace next to the pool and some nice coping stones, maybe you might want the pool heated to make it a bit more user friendly.

It is all too easy to see your budget spiraling up and up and before you know it you are looking at €40-50,000. Unfortunately that is a bridge too far for most people especially if it not a year round property when the pool is only used during the summer.

Naturalis Pool Installation in Vendee
Of course there are cheaper alternatives, the old inflatable pools from Intex are good enough to paddle in and keep you cool for a bit or you could go for an above ground metal frame pool but, let’s be honest, they are a bit unsightly.

The next option and probably the most popular is a timber built pool. Varying in price from the late hundreds to several thousands, timber pools can look quite nice and are reasonably sturdy. However, timber will rot, especially if partially buried, so these pools have as shelf life. Also, in most cases, the equipment supplied with these pools is of poor quality. The liners are thin and cheap and the filtration equipment is often not of very good quality.

Until now there has been no true middle market pool offering longevity and high quality on the construction and the equipment. The NATURALIS concept by RPI in Portugal is constructed from high quality steel posts and concrete panels and all parts are guaranteed for 10 years, the liner 15 years.

The pool can be partially or fully buried in the ground and the concrete is finished with a timber appearance which make them attractive and very easy to integrate into a sloping or difficult garden.

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